Princess Anežka, Daughter of the King of kings

A Friend Shares Anežka's True Tale When I hear of the courageous actions of men and women in history,  I take notice, as it is a reminder of his and her capability, and God given ability to help - and lead - by example, along with the incredible encouragement and support of like minded mentors. 'Whatever… Continue reading Princess Anežka, Daughter of the King of kings

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Sketch and Paint ~ Fun and Functional Gift Idea

Here is a fun idea for crafting birthday cards, and a great way to motivate summer reading! My sons' birthdays are coming up, and this year I chose to create some fun and functional  - custom - bookmarks, rather than my traditional, yet all time classic, birthday cards, drawing my sons with their pet sidekicks,… Continue reading Sketch and Paint ~ Fun and Functional Gift Idea

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Fruit Sorbet Sensation

Recipe and Video Tutorial: This is always a welcomed treat in the warmth of spring and summer; and, the preparation is simple and easy to do with the whole family, and friends, including young, little hands (with supervision). You will need to prepare and freeze this recipe 4 hours before serving as a sorbet. I… Continue reading Fruit Sorbet Sensation

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Liking the Procreate App

Finished my forest mural painting last fall, at the crack of dawn, for the backdrop on the set of Goldilocks and The Three Bears children's play (Spanish version); and, sure enough, I could see that I had painted the background path incorrectly, as seen in my digital image below. After the fact, I took a… Continue reading Liking the Procreate App

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Equipped for Good Work

Encouragement for parents educating their children  It's Time to Reflect As we readily welcome spring, let's pause to reflect and consider the goals that we've set and those which we've actually completed thus far; and, by God's grace, more will be reached in due time. Roll your works to the Lord, And your plans will be established.… Continue reading Equipped for Good Work

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Light and Wholesome Family Meals

Chicken-Stuffed Sweet Bell Peppers!   One of my family's favourite dish are my husband's Stuffed Sweet Bell Peppers. He usually prepares these with traditional ingredients (ground beef, vegetables and sometimes rice); but, on this occasion, he stuffed them with his Latin American, Savoury Chicken filling. I share his work on video HERE on my YouTube… Continue reading Light and Wholesome Family Meals